Seafood Lover's Light Meal
This is how to grill a perfect Mediterranean Sea Bass the traditional Greek way: Set your gas grill to the
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lowest setting or let your coals build ash and put them to one side of the grill, using the other side for the fish. The trick here is to grill the fish over low fire, so that it remains juicy but cooks through without getting burnt (contrary to steak where you want to create a crust on the outside).Ol
The fish should be gutted already (gut it if not). Mix 50-50 lemon and Olea Gold (about 4 lemons, rest olive oil) in a small jar you can shake; we use a mason jar. Put some of the mix inside the fish and add some salt and Olea greek mountain oregano. Baste the fish on both sides with the marinade and add more salt and oregano. Save the rest for basting and finishing.
Put the fish on the grill and grill about 15 minutes per side until thoroughly cooked. After the final turn add some Olea rosemary on top for garnish and a little flavor. We do not add the rosemary from the beginning as it will overpower everything else.
10 minutes before taking the fish out add a few large shrimp uncooked with the shell on after you roll them in raw sea salt.
For our salad, we chopped tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, cherry tomatoes and onion into small quarter inch size pieces. Dress with Olea Gold and add Olea sea salt fleur de sel, Olea mountain oregano, a little basil and a tiny bit of mint. Toss very well and add feta crumbles if you like. You will end up with a fine tasting Greek salad variation and an excellent juice for dipping your favorite bread.
Eat healthy and enjoy the flavors of the Mediterranean cuisine from our family!