To our friends that have already preordered and the rest that enjoy Olea Estates products I want to give you some details about our olive oil.

We store the first cold press olive oil in our own steel containers. The containers have a conical bottom used to collect the pulp, which is later used for soap. This is a natural “filtering” process, so instead of using centrifugal or paper filters (or much worse, chemicals), we let the olive oil sit and the pulp to settle by gravity. We then extract the olive oil from a tap on the 10 ton or 20 ton tank which is higher than the conical bottom. This way we get pure olive oil without any pulp, but naturally filtered. In effect, we lose none of the nutrients and gain the full flavor while achieving the highest clarity at the same time.

The settling process may last 2-3 months depending on the year. During this time the olive oil also becomes sweeter and loses a lot of the bitterness the olive fruit has when harvested. After settling, we bottle the olive oil in our USDA organic certified facility, palletize it and ship it to the USA by boat. This process takes an additional month depending on customs.

This year the "filtering" process took a little bit longer, but we do not want to force filtering with mechanical ways. We want to keep our quaility and continue to use the same ways that our great grandfather used to extract the olive oil, even if it takes a little bit longer for the olive oil to get to our customers' table.

The shipment has left Greece so it should be available in the US end of June to mid July. We are sorry about this delay, but again we are trying to keep our quality high.

Co-Owner Olea Estates.