SIOOC Gold Award Quality 01  LONDON IOOC QUALITY 2023 GOLD

Olea Estates Organic EVOO

has won a

Gold Award at SIOOC 2023 and Gold Awards at LIOOC 2023 


Olea Gold Organic EVOO

has won a

Gold Award and Ultra Premium EVOO Ranking at Best Olive Oils Greece 2023







Olea olive oil and olives are produced by the Chronis family since 1856 in our own olive orchards in the valley of Sparta, Greece from a single variety of olives.


  • We cultivate
  • We harvest
  • We press
  • We import
  • Nobody else interferes
  • You enjoy

Experience the pure flavor of real extra virgin olive oil from a first cold press, without any blends from other oils or previous harvests and we guarantee you and your family will know the difference.







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